Welcome to my Bashful Blagger blog

A blagger is bold and gets what they want by brashly saying things that are not always true. A bashful blagger is the same, but shy with it. Sounds weird? Well, yes: but that’s me, both a bold extravert and a shy introvert, only I tend to tell the truth, even in fiction. Here in the Bashful Blagger blog, I post boldly on my life as a sapphic author writing for a universal audience—anything to do with writing and publishing —and rather more shyly on my real life. Happy reading!

The author with her inhouse editor, Chino


What I don’t know about social media marketing

Spoiler alert! This post states the obvious. It unashamedly presents stuff you already know with brass knobs ON. It is written to fit maybe any author (sapphic or otherwise) trying to market a book on social media. Read on if you dare…. Let’s start with some small...

Real life, Review

Connecting with Janice

Loving couple John & Gabrielle—together for over 50 years—connected with their copy of Becoming Janice at the time of Matariki, the special occasion in the Aotearoa/New Zealand calendar which marks the start of the Māori New Year. Matariki takes place in the...

Real life

Festive book launch

Some might say that a two-month anniversary is far too soon for a bout of nostalgia, still…. This two-month-old cover story brings back very fond memories. The profile was written by Truus Top-Hettinga for our local Dutch newspaper and is translated especially for...

Real life


One of my FABS (far away best-friends) just dropped a shot of hot news into my inbox. Sally mailed me from Brisbane, Australia, to tell me that her brother Phil is now her sister Fern. Fern transitioned a couple of months ago, quite successfully, it seems, and is...

Real life, Sapphic

Formative Influences

June is PRIDE month all over the world, when the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates coming out and living as our true selves—despite the dangers. In 2024 the Dutch city of Groningen, near where I live, is celebrating PRIDE well into August. Reading about my local PRIDE...


Val McDermid, Lesfic Pioneer

Ever heard of Val McDermid? Even if you’re not into thrillers, you’ll surely know that Val’s an out and proud lesbian and, btw, a world-class crime writer. According to her website, to date she has sold over 19 million books across the globe and has been translated...

Real life, Review

“Aucklanders” – Murray Edmond

As someone who grew up in New Zealand (arriving from Indonesia aged 4 in 1958) but who left for Europe not that long after (1976 to be exact), devouring these short stories by Murray Edmond made me both nostalgic and curious. So much and so little has changed about...


Mary Wings, Lesfic Pioneer

It sounds incredible now, but back in the dawn of sapphic fiction, likeable books for and by lesbians were virtually non-existent. If you were a lesbian looking for something to read you could personally identify with, it was nearly impossible to find a work of...