Revealing Philippa

When talented Maggie joins Funicular Theatre, she is mesmerised by Philippa, the star of the company. The strangely compelling actress treats Maggie with disdain. Yet behind her façade of indifference, Philippa is suffering in silence, forcing herself to hide her equally passionate interest in Maggie. All the while, set designer/artist Kay is quietly observing her two friends and turns what she sees happening into works of art.

Set in the theatrical wilds of New Zealand, Revealing Philippa is not a conventional sapphic romance but a dynamic character study of strong women in love, in pain, and happily moving on in their individual lives.


The paperback edition of Revealing Philippa is completely sold out.  Despite what you may see advertised, you should ignore any online merchant’s offer to sell you a new paperback. The ebook is available in a Kindle store near you.

Revealing Philippa is a great read and fun too
Ragini Werner has a really nice easy writing style. Her evocation of character is lively and clear and she brings the whole theatre thing alive so well. She’s good at writing sex too! The only thought I had was that Maggie’s angst in part one might be a little over written… but maybe not, she’s young. It’s a good journey for her character. – Frances Edmond

Overall, a good story
This a nice book. I enjoyed it. It’s a good story, with an interesting backdrop (the theatre scene in a New Zealand town). And some very interesting characters. It could have used a faster pace, though. Some edits to tighten up the story. I found myself bogged down in parts of it. And I was often annoyed at the immaturity of Maggie, one of the book’s heroines (although her coming-of-age is part of the story, so I was probably meant to be annoyed at her at times). But, overall, a good story. I am looking forward to Ms Werner’s next novel, as I think it will be even better storytelling. – Gael Spivak

 An enjoyable book about the complexities of love, ambition and friendship.
I was able to relate very easily to the characters in Revealing Philippa, and to their personalities. The descriptions are very good, and I also found that the inclusion of a lot of detail concerning the psychological aspects of each character made the book all the more interesting. The characters and scenario ring true to life. There’s no doubt that the author has talent. I found the book a very enjoyable read. – Anonymous

 Universal emotions well written
As a gay male I did enjoy this sexy novel written by Ragini Werner immensely. It is a lesbian novel, but the sentiments are universal. Ms. Werner writes very well and is able to convey the tension that is caused by the interaction of the main characters in an exemplary way. She does this with humor and compassion. I highly recommend this 1st novel by this author. – Rob de Groot

 The way Ragini Werner presented her characters was so strong that it made me want to slap at least two of them to make them come
When I read a novel, the emotions about a character that have been evoked by the author’s writing make me want to slap a character. The way Ragini Werner presented her characters was so strong that it made me want to slap at least two of them to make them come to their senses – and that’s a sign of good writing. I enjoyed seeing the change in the initially mousey Maggie, but my favorite female character was Kay, who always seems to have everything together. I also enjoyed the dialogue of the gay actor Daniel, who provides some lighthearted moments throughout the novel. Revealing Philippa is a most enjoyable read! – Jill R. Hughes

The rabbit hole I needed to fall into for a few days!
This book by Ragini Werner has been on my ‘to do’ list for quite some time! I have a hectic life & find it difficult to find the time, let alone settle my brain, long enough to really get into a book these days. Ms. Werner made this easy. A great writer will always make it so. I picked this book up while taking a five minute break from painting the house –just to have a quick look. Two days later I had it devoured, while the house remained half painted. I regret nothing!

From the first line, I was hooked. This book was written with confidence, it was well researched. As a result, the ebb & flow remained graceful, as in real life, not scripted. Each character bringing us through a range of emotions. I have no affiliation with community theatre but it didn’t matter. I could still relate. I was right there with them.

I would class it as a love story, primarily, but it is so much more than that. It is a human story we can all relate to in some form. It was the rabbit hole I needed to get lost down and I enjoyed it immensely. It was an easy read. Well written. I really hope this author writes another novel soon. She is a rare breed with a honed skill that shouldn’t be kept from the adoring masses! – Veronica

Ms. Werner showed great skill with language and created a fascinating, detailed setting with a firm sense of location. Her decision to use community theater as her backdrop was intriguing, and I enjoyed what felt like an accurate glimpse behind the curtain. Her prose was elegant and flowing and she made excellent use of literary devices, drawing strong parallels between the lives of the characters and the plays they were performing. If you go into this story thinking of it in terms of Lesbian Fiction, you may love it. Or you may not. At the very least, you’ll be able to appreciate the author’s skill with the written word. [from review on Goodreads]​ – Jenna