Treating Juno

This is my original version* of the story that inspired the creation of Becoming Janice. You could call it a prequel, because Treating Juno tells what happened to Janice before the book begins. It doesn’t matter if you read about Juno before or after Janice. There are no spoilers to ruin your pleasure in either work. But if you read Treating Juno first, I hope it will spark your curiosity to find out what Janice does next…

*A version was published by the Haworth Press in Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly, 6:2 (2005).

In Treating Juno, Ragini Werner gives us a tale that weaves itself around us until we’re entangled in its mesh. It’s a fascinating portrayal of the mind’s twists and turns as it plays tricks on its owner for one purpose — to survive a traumatic event. This is a very well written story with an unexpected ending. — reviewed by Anna Furtado