To coin a phrase

Feb 15, 2024 | Marketing | 0 comments

Ever heard the saying ‘to coin a phrase’? People often use it ironically because they are not actually going to coin (i.e., create) something new, but rely on a tried-but-true saying (see what I did there?). Let me put a new slant on this old expression. For a writer, using coin in its slang sense, it could mean ‘to make money from a phrase’ (i.e., our writing).

How good are you at making money from your writing? Let’s face it, there are two sides to publishing a book. The first side we all love and are good at: the writing. As for the second side, most of us neither love it nor are any good at it: the selling.

Even if we are lucky enough to have a big brand publisher, in this hyper-competitive age all publishers expect us to help sell our books. Selling is not a big deal if you’re writing for self-expression, the pure joy of writing, and if you self-publish a book, you may want to share it only with family and friends. But if (like me), you’re hoping to find a wide audience, then you have to bring your phrases to the attention of readers so that (duh!) they can buy your book.

Marketing is the way to achieve this magical goal. There is so much info available on book marketing. I’ve noticed a zillion sources on Facebook alone, not to mention the trumpidillion resources that pop up when you search the term online. In fact, there is SO MUCH available, it’s hard to know (a) where to start and (b) who you can trust to come up with the goods for the price you have to pay for truly professional yet affordable service.

Well, dear reader, I solved my problem by following my publisher’s advice. Thanks to Iguana Books I found my guru at Chris Houston is not only professional, creative and supportive but great at telling me (tactfully) which of my marketing ideas for Becoming Janice will actually work. It’s super being able to depend on a very experienced expert in the minefield of marketing (to coin a phrase) and tho it’s early days yet, our partnership is reaping rewards, which I may reveal in another post…

So, how about you? What are you doing to market your book? And who is helping you? Go on, share your secrets. Tell us all.


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