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Mar 8, 2024 | Real life | 1 comment

Pardon me while I do a Pointer Sisters but I’m SO EXCITED and just can’t hide it… Becoming Janice has just arrived from the printers in the United Kingdom. It was nerve-wracking waiting for the paperbacks to arrive but as ye olde saying goes, all good things are worth the wait.

And, what an absolute delight it was to carefully slice open the first box, tremulously lift off the protective layer of heavy-duty wrapping paper and uncover a stack of perfect paperbacks.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of unpacking your own book, you will know exactly what a thrill it is to hold that first real book in your hands, to rub your (clean!) fingers over the cover and feel the soft smoothness of that perfect matte finish, to flick carefully through the pages and omg recognize words you have written, here before you, in real life, on real paper, words that you have only experienced virtually before, in your mind and on your computer screen.

Photo by Koos van de Belt

Yes, this is YrsTrly with the very first printed copy of Becoming Janice in her eager hands, flanked by a few copies of NEEDSer stock, destined for orders from the local Dutch (and European) market. See that lone purple cover beside the Janices? That is the last ever paperback of my previous novel, Revealing Philippa. Alas, Philippa is no longer in print but she lives on, alive and well and extremely readable as an ebook, available in a Kindle store near you.

Back to Janice… holding her for the first time was an exquisite moment, indeed, so pardon me please if I’ve succumbed to a bout of purple prose to describe it. But lookee here, this fabulous mashup of movie stars dancing to “I’m so excited” created on YouTube by kingofkungfu2002 catches perfectly how I feel.


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  1. Jill Proudfoot

    I’m not at all surprised by your excitement. I can only begin to imagine what an fabulous day this is for you ❤️


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